General Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions: Everyone using our website will be presented with these new terms. It is necessary to accept these terms before proceeding to use the website or make a transaction. (Even if you’ve accepted the old terms, you will need to accept these new ones now as we’ve changed them. Thank you!)

Daily Drop In:

Daily drop in users can only pay via credit card. Payment is made via Nexudus (our space management platform), which entitles the user to access the Wi-Fi network for that day. Access expires at the end of the day regardless of start time. When you first sign up there is a one of $49.00 + GST administration fee.


All membership fees are to be paid monthly, in advance, and repeating monthly on the 1st of every month. Permanent or hot-desk memberships can be paid by direct transfer into our bank account, via credit card or PayPal subscription. When you first sign up there is a one of $49.00 + GST administration fee.

Credit Cards:

In the case of credit card subscriptions, membership fees will be automatically deducted each month. The name that will appear on your statement will be Genius Co-Working Limited. Your account will be charged in NZD. Genius Co-Working Limited does not store credit card information. This is handled by Nexudus Spaces (our space management platform) and stripe (our payment gateway). If you wish to pay by direct debit instead, credit card subscription payments can be cancelled at any stage (through your Nexudus Spaces account). Daily drop in users can only pay via credit card. Payment is made via Nexudus (our space management system). We require 30 Days’ notice when cancelling a membership.


There are no refunds for unused time or if you decide to leave after you have paid your membership fees for the month. However, refunds are available for charges made against a credit card in error.


Genius Co-Working Limited and its members cannot be responsible for the safety and security of members’ property. Members should ensure their property is secure at all times and consider individual insurance.


Permanent and hot-desk members have access to the shared meeting room. Time in the meeting room is to be booked via the Genius Co-Working Limited Google Calendar. Ad-hoc use (e.g. for a phone call) is fine as long as it does not conflict with an existing booking. We ask that members only book the meeting room for the specific time required (and avoid making long bookings in an attempt to keep it secured for an as-yet-to-be-decided exact time).

Evacuations & First Aid:

All members should make themselves aware of the nearest fire exits & extinguishers, call points, appliances, and evacuation routes. A first aid kit is available in the kitchen; members should make themselves aware of where exactly the kit is stored. Due to the nature of the co-working space it is not possible to guarantee persons trained in first aid will always be on site. Members should consider their own training.


Unlimited wireless internet is included in your membership fee. Please do not download pornography, illegal music/videos, instructions on how to make a bomb, or do anything else you shouldn’t be doing – like watching Justin Bieber videos – I mean, come on; just don't do it.

Dress Code:

There is none... except for a ban on mankinis, seriously. Oh and don’t be smelly.


Permanent members get their own door key. Everyone else must use the space solely during normal office hours (8:30-5:30). Times may slightly vary from site to site.

Code of Conduct:


No smoking or vaping in the building; you should quit anyway.


Use headphones when listening to music and talk quietly on the phone. Loud or lengthy calls should be taken in the phone box or meeting room.


We all have a role to play, whether we realise it or not, in creating a sustainable, welcoming, inspiring workplace. Acknowledge the power of your actions and their positive or negative impact on others and the space we are sharing.

Collaborative Effort:

Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration. Mix, Match, Mingle and Learn. Don’t just reinvent the wheel; reinvent the wheel with your talented peers in the space. Harness the power of collaborations to transform your enterprise.

Respect & Openness:

Ensure that the space is safe for diversity, ideas, inspirations and creativity. We believe in transparency and openness. When ideas are free, everyone benefits. Therefore, we encourage open spaces and discussions.

Pay it Forward:

We thrive on connections and mutual support; if we all contribute to the strong community that we are creating, then we will all benefit from it too.

Inclusion & Accessibility:

To invite others to join in the conversation. In order to fully realise our social mission, we must make the effort to be accessible to individuals who are working hard to make the world a better place. This means that we endeavour to create both a financially and physically accessible space. We are committed to this principle and welcome feedback on how we can make it even more accessible.

Valuing people, planet, and profit. Helping each other create value by way of our individual lives, and professional endeavours. Genius Co-Working strives to be a community that provides education and leadership.

Continuous Learning:

Everyone is responsible for learning from their environment, their relationships, their communication, and their impact. Above all, this means doing your very best to integrate these lessons in a way that makes you more whole, as well as more completely part of the Genius Co-Working community. In the day-to-day environment of Genius Co-Working this means: The number 1 rule that pretty much applies to all situations is: DON'T. BE. A. DICK. See, it’s easy. But if you need it spelled out for you… Be cool. We trust you to use your own professionalism, common sense, and good nature. Be open. Be open to new ideas, to discussions, to working together rather than against each other; we champion collaboration over competition. Take part and speak openly about what you are thinking so we can improve things. Be considerate. The natural state of Genius Co-Working is a constant hum and a certain level of noise is part of what should be expected. However, there are quieter areas and meeting rooms that you can use if needed. That said, we must all be considerate of any noise that we make during our work. If you make a mess, we expect you will clean it up. If you damage something, we expect you will put it right. Be proactive. If you see a problem, try and sort it out or talk to somebody else who can. Seek ways to contribute and make the community and space even better because you are present. Be security-conscious. Lock the door when you are the last one out. Don’t give your key to anyone (if they need one, that can be arranged); you are responsible for anybody who accesses the office using your key. Be flexible. We do not guarantee use of specific space within Genius Co-Working. We may need to locate and relocate areas and desks as necessary, depending on the resident members we have using Genius Co-Working at the time. We ask for your co-operation when this is required. Be respectful. Rumours, careless chatter, and gossip are not welcome. Try to resolve conflict yourself using your most productive and respectful communication skills, seeking understanding and a mutually beneficial solution to a problem before it escalates. We like to stay healthy and well in our space, please consider fellow Genius’s if you are feeling sick.

Updating of Terms:

We will continue to develop the terms and conditions as the space grows and develops. We are very open to suggestions.

Privacy Policy:

We respect your privacy. All information we collect from our members and contacts is private and confidential. It is used for Genius Co-Working administration and marketing purposes only. We will never sell or provide your details to any third party.


For further information please contact Gerry: Phone: 021 832 203 Email: Website: Terms & Conditions updated 16/12/19

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